Remote Record with PC


Remote Record with PC do not work anymore.

The asks to install Microsoft Silverlight which I have.

I had this installation working for years but not anymore.

Any solutions?

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A search of this site of the term "Silverlight" will show a number of topics where difficulty with that particular piece of software is causing grief.


I guess your experience adds to the list.


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It is not a solution!

Why Telus do not responds to this problem?

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The problem isn't really a Telus issue. The IPTV platform (media room) which was developed by Microsoft was sold to Erricson. They continue to slowly develop and support the aging platform for which it was developed on. Silverlight is increasingly becoming more of an issue as it's been EOL for a number of years..


If and when Erricson will releases an updated Mediaroom platform is anyone's guess. But I'm sure they're aware of the issues and technical limitations of the silverlight grief. This is especially true on the Mac side.

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This has been happening for a while.  The temporary solution is to use internet explorer.  Chrome and Firefox don't work.  Internet explorer still works(at least it did two weeks ago when I used it).