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Why does 60% of my recorded TV end up pixelated, been dealing with this for two years now and it's still not fixed, absolute garbage, just had a tech out last week and still the exact same problem which has never ended in the first place, was fine till they switched out my PVR two years ago, before that flawless with not one single issue, now it NEVER works and they honestly don't seem to know how to fix it at all. I have tried everything, rebooting the PVR, rebooting the modem, switched out every single cable, new PVR's, latest was a new modem and still the same issue which sadly I have been having to pay for over the last two years.

Telus, you know this is a big problem and yet you don't fix it, answer why you don't fix the issue that sooooooo many people are having?

Did you ever find a solution? We are experiencing the same issue, makes watching TV not worth the monthly fee!

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Community Power User

If you're having an issue with pixelation. Call Telus and request a service call, so they can troubleshoot and fix the issue. The best time to call is early in the morning. Or reach them Facebook or Twitter

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Pixelation on a recording is odd and is usually related with the quality of the internal wiring. I would call with the information gathered from a simple troubleshooting guide :

-Does the issue continue to live streams? which channel show demonstrate such behaviour.

-How do you connect your PVR with the rest of your home's network?

-Verify that all video outputs are solid; attempt changing HDMI port on your TV

-Try replicating the issue while using an Ethernet cable and the only device actively connected to your Actiontec box is your PVR. Try playback on this setup.