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Re: Complaint Re: Telus customer Service and Feedback

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I have made a complaint about my separated, spouse watching illegal Telus TV, Customer Service said they don't care. They said they have a way to catch the person who have the mother box. 


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Community Power User

1) This topic is TWO YEARS old. It is best to start a new one since your post doesn't really relate to the rest.

2) Do not post personal information such as addresses.

3) There is no illegal Telus TV. The boxes can only be used with active accounts and connections at a specific location. 

4) If you are separated, you will have to go through the process with that, up to and included retaining legal counsel as an extreme. Companies will not get involved in your marital issues. You will need to sort them out with your spouse.

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Just Moved In

After 15 years with TELUS I had my internet disconnected...I have gave up on that and my home phone. I was going to cancel my mobility but after speaking with LUKE, he convinced me to stay. I must admit I have not had much problems with mobility. The Customer Service I received over a 2 month span was despicable! I talked with 3 supervisors, each saying they will call me back after looking into WHY TELUS CUT OFF MY INTERNET WITH A TWO DOLLAR CREDIT ON MY ACCOUNT! ....apparently they gave my portal spot to someone else and no one could call to explain or apologize! VICTOR!! Shame on you! ...and the two before you! (lucky for you I cant remember your names!) The first supervisor I spoke to actually said 'I am not here to cater to your needs!' WOW!! While still waiting for a call back (some nights was a 2 hours wait listening to elevator music!)  to get a portal for my internet,  I received a bill for $149 for not returning their equipment!! Trust me, it was returned!! Telus has gone downhill at a rapid pace from years prior and I will never deal with them again for these services. TELUS MUST HAVE TOO MUCH MONEY NOT TO NEED MINE!  Lets talk about the security breach! They crossed lines in my small community. I got all of a neighbors internet and she got all of mine! We actually found her...she had access to my taxes, email and banking! ...and I had hers. They rerouted the lines the next day after we found the fella working in the back lane! Multiple messages left on supervisors personal phones are still not returned after stating to us..,*THIS IS TERRIBLE, AND SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED TO YOU, I PROMISE TO GET BACK TO YOU!*  Telus has been so disturbingly disappointing and taken up too much of my precious time! BEWARE!