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Radio Signals


Does anyone know of any way to convert the digital radio channel signals to some equivalent of an FM signal that can be fed to the antenna input of an audio receiver? Back in the day of cable operators carrying radio signals you could just connect the cable output to the fm antenna input and voila you could tune to the radio stations. Now with the digital radio channels you need to actually select the channel number which prevents you from listening to a radio station while watching another TV channel.


I've searched for any gadget that is able to take a digital audio "channel" and convert it to an FM signal but haven't had any success.  I know I could upgrade my receiver to have HDMI inputs etc but I would still have to select a particular channel. Any ideas?



I think your will need another set top box to listen to music channels while watching tv. PvR for TV and telus remote stb for music.


Assuming you have an internet wifi connection another option would be using any of the devices capable of receiving a streaming Internet feed. There are plenty of free internet radio streams and music streams. Local radio stations rebroadcast on the internet. You could use a old smart phone or tablet  an app, and audio cable connected to headphone jack of the phonexisting to the receiver 

I wonder what the quality of the audio would be if I just used the audio jack on a smartphone ... I listen mostly to classical music and would want decent quality ... that's why I also wondered about any audio compression that Telus might use on their radio channel signals.  Right now I just using a Telus iptv box that I wasn't using for TV and have that connected to my audio system ... the only pain with that is the IR remote ... with another Telus PVR near by I have to be pretty careful or I end up switching the wrong box.


Of course I could splurge and by a new audio receiver that is network capable and then connect directly to the internet.

A relatively inexpensive option would be a Google chomecast audio wifi adapter, the DAC in the chromecast is reasonable. 


The quality of the audio will depend on the quality of the internet stream - will vary from very good to to reasonable. Will be as good as FM radio.


I found that TELUS rebroadcasts stingray music and if you subscribe to TELUS TV you have free streaming access to Stingray music on Apple and Android devices.


Link to the stingray site.


Have set it up and able to stream Stingray music.    The application will walk you through linking your stringray account to your TELUS account during account setup. The walk you through indicates that the options menu is on the upper right of your TV screen, however, to find it you will have to scroll right on the selection bar.