Radio Channels (not Galaxie)


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I would like to see what radio channels are offered on Telus TV but the listing in the printed guide only shows: 

"am/fm radio channels 7005-7499".


What are the actual channels?


Gees, you phone Telus and the staff doesn't even know. What the heck?

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Hi !


Simply go here =>


change the city to Edmonton at the upper right corner of the page (if it did not auto-detect it properly)

Scroll down, and click the " + " sign that is on the right side of Channel List

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click the " + " sign that is on the right side of Radio Stations.


You'll have the full list of channel numbers, with their respective stations .. (not all of them indicates the actual frequency in their names)


Hope this helps !


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