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RE: fibre 250 internet and wireless speed


Hi everyone,


I just had Telus' fibre 250 internet installed last week ( upstairs of our home ) and was wondering what people's experiences, speed-wise, have been with it so far.


When it was installed, the 'available speed' was noted as 257mb/s, up and down. Since then, I've ran a couple of speed tests via Telus' suggested site ( ) and have recieved the following results: wired connection on laptop to gateway via CAT 5e - 98mbp/s, wireless laptop with n300 reciever and other devices such as a S5 phone, Ipad, etc, about 65mb/s in the same room as the gateway, wireless internet on my main PC with a n600 wifi reciever ( a floor down and two rooms away, with all bars full signal-strength on Win 10 ) of about 25mb/s ( on 2.4g that is, on 5g it's around 15mb/s ). 


I was curious if these are similar results to what other's are experiencing, as, especially, the direct-ethernet wired connection and the rates of wireless in the same room seem disappointing to me considering the nature of the internet package ( even, granting, one will rarely get anywhere near the 'up to' speed of an internet connection ). If this seems low, then maybe I'll have to start playing with wifi channels, or invest in a booster for the wireless connection, but the wired one seems.. off to me.


Thanks for your input!


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I was not aware Telus offered 250 at this time. Only 150 is the highest being advertised.


You'll find when you have a faster connection, most speedtest servers will not be able to give an accurate result as they are just not fast enough. Only a select few will be. For testing I'd only focus on the ethernet results. Also ensure that the PC/Router/Switches you are using are not 100mbps. That in itself will bottleneck things. Wireless has many things that can interfere or limit the speed attained. Also for the n300 router - that does not mean that each device will get a 300mbps connection. It is shared between all of the connected devices.

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Wireless is not likely to give you full package speeds.  You need to be plugged into ethernet with gigabit capable equipment in most cases to reach the maximum of the 250Mbit package.  


I assume that if you are in one of the 250Mbps trial areas you were given the t3200m router which has 4x4 802.11ac wireless

Specs on that show: 

4x4 802.11ac 5GHz Four-stream
Spatial Multiplexing up to 1.7 Gbps
PHY Rate in 80 MHz


The 1.7Gbps is the maximum frame signalling rate of all streams combined together.  Real world performance of a wireless connection is typically between 40-60% of the air signalling rating.  So you might get 800Mbit performance on a wireless basestation if you combine a bunch of different clients with matching radio specs and you have gone in and customized the radio settings on the actiontec to enable this optional 80MHz channel width as it's not enabled by default because many older devices are not compatible with wide band enabled.  You could max out your connection with wireless and the latest radios but you likely have to be in the same room as the base station to do it.  Going 20ft or more away in another room will certainly drop you down in speed a bunch.


Getting a client device with a 4x4 802.11ac radio in it will likely be the limiting factor for now.  Most common are the 2x2 client radios found on the vast majority of devices that claim ac radio support.  The Intel (62xx series) and Broadcom (BCM43xxx) chipsets that are most commonly used in most laptops show speed tests maxing out at about 160Mbit to 215Mbit under perfect conditions only a few feet away.  Speeds drop off significantly at 20ft and beyond so even in the next room you do not get close to maxing your connection with a typical 802.11ac client radio.  Worse still will be when you connect at 802.11n speeds at 2.4Ghz you would not get much higher than about 60Mbit speeds.  


Now if your laptop is getting 98Mbit speeds, I would guess it's because your machine has a 10/100 Ethernet port and not Gigabit.  If it's not a gigabit laptop then it's likely it also has an older wifi chipset so may not even be capable of 5Ghz or 802.11ac speeds.


Your N300 receiver is not 802.11ac so 65Mbit is exactly the top speed I would expect.  It doesn't even support 5Ghz.

N600 supports exactly the same 2.4Ghz speeds as the N300 version, and if it's farther away the faster 5Ghz speeds it's capable of will not improve your speed due to signal propagation issues with the higher frequencies.  The N300 vs N600 designation is a pretty clever lie.  They combine the speeds of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz and all streams to come up with the total number but the radio only uses 1 frequency or another to make a connection to a particular client not both simultaneously.  So N600 is max of 150Mbit 2.4Ghz and 300Mbit at 5Ghz.  Real world numbers are around 65Gbit for 2.4G and 160Mbit at 5Ghz when radio and base station are within about 5 feet and configured for the maximum channel sizes they support with no interference.

see here:

It's almost criminally deceptive how they make the numbers up for these ratings.



Yes, I'm in the trial area and yes, that's the router I have 😆


I think you're correct on the laptop speed limit.

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If your laptop does only have a 100mbps ethernet port, one thing you could do is see if any of your your other PCs have a gigabit port then try a speed test that way. If not, see if any of your friends have a laptop with a gigabit ethernet port. 🙂

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I have the same router as you but I'm on 150.Try changing the channel of 5gh or use the telus wifi extender too  (should be free for you).I'm 20 feet away from the router and I can't get full speeds on my wireless n 300 mbps adapter ( max speeds i can get in my room-130down/70up).You should prob get a ac wifi adapter to get full speeds on wireless.I think the 250 is only available right now in Vernon.

That makes sense - I'm in Vernon. I just had the line installed the day before we moved over to that package 😆 I'll check into the Wifi extender, thanks 😆