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Pushy Obnoxious Salespeople representing Telus


I am really disappointed to see the sales tactics used by people representing TELUS door to door and in shopping centers.


I tried Optik TV some time ago and it could not even keep up with the picture on one TV set.  It became obvious to me that I would have to wait for Telus PureFiber to be installed in my neighbourhood.  I was told to expect this fiber optic service in my area in about six months.  That was a year and a half ago.

Today, I was approached in a Calgary Mall and asked if I had Telus or Shaw for home internet and cable tv.  I replied Shaw.  The rep then asked about trying Optik TV.  I responded that once they had fiber available in my neighbourhood, that I would get Optik TV and Purefiber internet.  


Undaunted, he challenges me as to whether I had checked it "recently".  I assured him that I had. STILL, he does not want to take no for an answer and asked which neighbourhood I am in and I tell him.  He says he "thinks" they have the service there.  (Yes, they do, but it is with DSL).  He then wants my address to "punch it in", still unwilling to take my word for it.  When I told him I"m not giving out my address in public, he got very huffy and shoves his device away and is more or less saying "get lost" to me.


Despite the jokes about various other types of sales people that have gone on for decades, I cannot think of any situation where the salespeople have been more rude or more pushy than the ones selling Telus Optik and Telus Internet in the malls and door to door.


Some points:

-I'm technically savvy enough to find out if there is fiber internet in my neighbourhood.  I've checked and I have put myself on the list to be notified.  And I check periodically.

-When I tell someone I have checked, I expect them to BELIEVE me.  You are not going to make a sale based upon making me let you be proven wrong.

-Even though I am not at the current time a Telus Optik or Purefiber Customer, it is NOT in the best interest to annoy and belittle me.  it is Telus' fault that they haven't got this service in my area, and the deployment has not caught up to the advertising.  At all.

-People who are not Telus Internet Customers or Telus Optik TV customers are still quite possibly Telus customers with other products.  Several thousand dollars per year go from me to Telus and have done so for many many years.  Do not put this in jeopardy  Furthermore, remember that people have business internet connections, business telephone accounts, and business mobile contracts that they may have influence over now and in the future.


-Today was actually the least obnoxious salesperson out of the last 3 that I've run into.  Over the past 8 months or so, I've run into tremendously pushy salespeople in malls - so this is the third time.

-Last summer, while away from home, I noticed someone at the door talking to my wife and this person would NOT take no for an answer (this is despite the "no soliciting" sign on the door that he ignored).  I finally called my wife after watching this on video for some time and she explained that it was a guy pushing Telus "DSL" TV and internet and that he wouldn't go away despite being repeatedly told "no thank you".


Telus does not seem to have a proper complaint resolution mechanism to deal with this, so I'm hoping this will hit home.  There is no need for the completely unprofessional and obnoxious marketing.  Telus has decent products and decent services.  People like this can only bring it down a peg.  Having it happen three times in malls and once at the doorway with my wife means it is not me, and it is not an isolated incident.


Telus - clean up your act in this marketing space.  If you have hired a contractor to do this, you need to seriously evaluate what they are doing to your brand.  There are a lot of people like me who would buy these things if they were available.  But at the same time, you are causing me to question the existing business I do with you because of these people.


I don't deserve to be treated like dirt because:

A. You don't have the service available in my area.

B. I am technically knowlegeable enough to actually know that it is not available in my area.






Community Power User
Community Power User

There’s quite a number of folk here with copper-delivered Optik TV. I’m sure they’ll jump in with their comments.  PureFibre isn’t necessary for clear delivery of Optik, though it makes it easier to host more streams.


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Thank you for your response, but that's not the point.   The issue is the salespeople being pushy and not acknowledging that I checked for availability.


I had Optik TV for a year.  I used it on one tv.  I did not get internet services, just Optik.  There were frequent interruptions and drop outs.  I did like the channel selection and the interfaces. I'm not going to jump down from 250 megabit internet to 50 megabit internet with flakey TV.  Hence the requirement for there to be fiber available before I sign up again.  150 down and up is fine.   And I don't need to hear the old song and dance about "cable is shared DSL is not.  DSL is  shared, at the CO.  Internet is a shared service. I am no on a "node" that is provisioned incorrectly.  Upstream, Telus is fine, but now, so is Shaw.  Shaw's modem/routers don't work very nicely but I have my own Wi Fi.  


In any case, my issue is not with that but with the way the salespeople are acting.