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Purefibre oversubscription?

Friendly Neighbour

Hello there, I've recently moved to Kamloops from Abbotsford and noticed that there are fluctuations in my download speeds. I always got advertised speed +30mbps in Abbotsford. It's primarily right around 3 pm and later at midnight or so.  


I understand that GPON is limited to 2.4gbps down and 1.2 gbps up. The upload is fine, and is always 330ish. The download is all over the place, as you can see from the picture below. The big drop off is the Kamloops address.



I've checked and all my networking equipment and cables are fine. Have any of you run into this issue yet?



I had a similar experience when fibre was first installed at my place in Terrace.  Turned out the service was mis-configured on the backend - took a phone call to tech support and it was fixed on the fly while I was on the phone.

Friendly Neighbour

Ok thanks, I'll try to call support again.  So far it's been unplug your router and plug it back in answers.  I didn't have time to stay on the phone forever so I just gave up.