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The responses to my problem have been out of this world, One suggests I have the PureFibre installed even though we do not want it, it would I guess reduce the installers bothering us but would give the independent PureFibre salesmen a reason to harass us.  Another suggestion was to take down our house and build another one? With no explanation as how this would help with my problem! Developers are buying land all around us, it does not make sense to build a new house just to have a developer take it down and build apartments or townhouse! Which I have seen them do. As for contacting Telus support our experience has been very bad, we are on hold for one and a half hours or more, We asked them if they needed to know what line we had the computer on as we had three lines coming into the house each time they insisted they did not need to know what line the computer was on, then they insist we go through a list of steps by steps to test our computer, that takes another hour or so, that all came to the same conclusion, we have no internet. We went through this for over four months every two weeks, We got no where until an installer came to our house.  We got Telus internet, and it was very unreliable, it was down more than it was working. Each time we would spend hours on hold and going through the test list. Support seamed to have know idea how internet worked and would insist we follow the same step by step list each time with the sane result, we had no internet. One person suggested I trouble shoot the internet my self by going to a web address they gave me, and did not understand I needed internet to go to a website.


One thing to keep in mind.

While you may not want the Telus PureFibre installed IF you refuse the service when you attempt to sell your house sometime in the future this will be come a huge negative on the sale.

It would be much better to have the Fibre installed to an External box on the side of the house and leave it unterminated.

This at least allows any potential future owner to make the decision without it costing Thousands of dollars to bring the service to your house and subsequent internal service installation.

I hope this helps


The new owner does not want Telus!

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