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Pure Fibre Installations Wrecked My Lawn

Just Moved In

Has anyone else encountered the horrible customer service with these pure fibre installations? Telus broke one of my sprinkler heads and ruined multiple patches of my lawn. I have been trying to get restitution for about a month and have opened multiple cases with them, which they open and then promptly close, as their 3rd party contractor says they have remediated the issues. They have done nothing!! My lawn is still destroyed and they have not reimbursed me for the replacement sprinkler head. They have also kept me on hold for hours in total in me attempting to get them to fix my issues. They provide no case numbers and can't even look my case up by my location, which is insane. 

I will never deal with this horrible company!! I would rather deal with ANY other company than Telus. Their customer service is pathetic. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Very sorry to hear that. I'll send you a private message to get some info so I can look into re-escalating this for you.

Funny that you posted this message here and claimed to care about the damage done to my lawn and to my property and then completely ignored my reply. All the more reason never to trust Telus. I will never, ever use Telus. Not in a million years - their customer service is horrible!!

Just Moved In
They didn’t destroy sprinkler heads but did do a number on my lawn. I have always had a strong health lawn and now on the areas they dug up, I have patchy sections that no longer grows grass but only weeds. They came out once to add some of the green spray but that did nothing. I see the same results with many of my neighbours as well throughout the neighborhood.

Just Moved In

Same problems in our neighborhood as well.  This whole project has been a disaster.  We took it upon ourselves to reseed the patches they left behind because of the terrible job they did with it.  When it started to finally grow back they came back through with the green spray and killed the grass that we had planted.