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Public IP for Smart Hub is no longer available


Just a heads up for those with the ZTE Smart Hub rural plans, Telus is no longer offering the Public IP option due to "Security Concerns". When I brought up the fact that the Smart Hub is Telus's (only) offering for Rural Internet and really the only viable option in terms of speed but yet it's severely locked down compared to a normal internet plan, I basically got told I can deal with it or find another provider as they don't have any idea if they will even bring it back and when I inquired as to whether Wired Internet would get brought out to where we currently live, I got told that "there are no plans to do so as it's not financially viable", despite living like 5 minutes from a hamlet that has wired internet available.


Can't say I'm surprised but just a heads up for those considering the Smart Hub, if control over your internet and options to run things like a Plex server or other items matter to you, don't go with the Smart Hub, it is so locked down it's not even funny.


I ran into the same issue this summer. I persistently called them and they finally moved me to a business plan where I was able to get a static ip address for $15/month. Does what I need it to. Just a heads up it will mess with your account a bit and any changes or data top ups to other devices on your account will require a phone call directly to them. But they are usually accommodating.

It is disappointing that they can't get with the times and offer something that every other isp offers.


I see this post is about a year old! Any update on whether Telus offers this option for smart hubs yet?

I’ve called many times and asked static IP/connect dynamic but I would have to move to a business account but then I’d loose my rural internet plan.

I wish they would offer a hub that has bridge mode. I don’t use the WiFi on the hub and have a whole Ubiquiti setup (USG,switches, AP’s, etc) and now I have triple NAT.

Yeah. I’ve had smart hub almost 6 months now! I have called them a few times as well, And that’s the exact same outcome I get as well. I sure hope they can offer or change something soon for us that don’t have access to reliable high speed Internet. 

Hi  : I am trying to get the smarthub to work with my ubituiti setup. Can you please share how you configured the smarthub and ubiquitin router to work together ? Thanks


@Early2Rise You'd get more replies to your specific issue if you posted your question on your own thread instead of posting in this thread which is a different topic.