Problems with subscription


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Having major issues with services that were installed a week ago.

Phone did not work from the outset after install.  After hours on the phone with rep, telephone finally works, but TV and internet were somehow deleted from my account.  Spent countless more hours on hold and on phone yesterday and was told issue would be sorted in a few hours.  Still waiting today with no TV and internet.


Can anyone tell me if this is the type of customer service to expect from Telus?  I was expecting much better.



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Community Power User

Based on my experience, what you see is atypical. Usually Telus is pretty much on top of things, and doesn't let them drag out.


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Mike, it only gets worse. I've been on hold for 1 hour and 3 minutes. If they aren't going to answer the phone why put the number on their invoices. Consistent poor customer service.