Problems with Internet 50 and DSL


Hello. Over the last month we've had problems with our Internet 50 and Optik Television service and was wondering if anyone can help provide some insight on what might be the problem. We've had five site visits by Telus over the last three weeks to try to fix our problems, and they can't seem to resolve the issue.

We have DSL Internet 50 on a bonded pair connection with Optik TV. For the past 2-3 years we've had consistent and very stable speeds of 60-61 Mbps Download and 11.5 Mbps Upload. Rather suddenly about a month ago, the speeds dropped to anywhere from 17-19 Mbps Down and 3-4 Mbps Upload. The Optik TV became heavily pixelated and the picture would freeze for several seconds at a time.  I phoned Telus Support and they conducted a test over the phone and said that Line 2 of our bonded pair keeps disconnecting due to noise. 


The 1st technician came out and replaced the Telus modem with a T3200M, said there was nothing wrong with the lines (even though I told him Telus Tech Support told me Line 2 of our bonded pair was dropping out), and he went down to the DSLAM (less than 1/2 KM away) and "increased our capacity". This helped increase our speeds up to about 55 Mbps down, but speeds dropped back down into the 20Mbps range a day later.


The 2nd technician came and did some work on the box on the side of the house and at the DSLAM. Download speed improved again to 50Mbps, but we realized later in the day that we weren't getting any Optik TV.


The 3rd technician came out and discovered that 2nd technician didn't load the Optik TV profile after performing the work. After changing our profile and doing some wire work at the phone jack where the T3200M is connected, we were able to get Optik TV. He did a bunch of testing on the lines inside the house, and said the problems we're having are related to noise on the line between the DSLAM and the house. He said there was nothing wrong with the wiring inside the house. He said he couldn't do any line repair, and would contact the Line Repair team to come out later in the week to take a look at things.


A couple days later, Line Repair came out with the trucks and ran a new line from the pole outside our home to the Telus box on the side of the house. They said to give it about 24hrs to see if that helps resolve the issue, and from my understanding, if it didn't we would need to schedule another technician to install a temporary "drop line" to run from the box on the side of the house directly to the T3200M.


The 4th technician came out last weekend and said he swapped out one of the lines and increased our profile to a 70Mbps profile. He said that because I was using a 3rd party home router for our wi-fi and network, he couldn't trouble shoot any TV or Internet issues while the router was connected the T3200M. He then attempted run his own ethernet cable directly form the T3200M to the Optik PVR. I said that wasn't necessary as the TV issues were related to the slow Internet, and if he was able to fix that then that should resolve the TV issues. He said slow Internet would not cause pictures freezes or pixelation on our Optik TV (????). Any way, he was able to improve our Internet speeds to 52-57 Mbps down, and 11.5 Mbps Up, and the TV issues seemed resolved. But after 24-48 hours later, our speeds had dropped down to around 39-40 and we began to occasionally experience brief picture freezes on our Optik TV.


I phoned Telus tech support and they had me power cycle the T3200M which helped for about an hour, but speeds have again dropped.  Any suggestions on what might be causing these issues?  Speeds are at least consistent now, but not nearly as good as they were and still quite a bit below 50Mbps speeds.  I'm dreading having to phone Telus yet again regarding this!




DSL statistics are below...


Line 1 Status

Connection     Status

Telus Broadband:       Connected

Internet Service Provider:       Connected

PPP Parameter Status

User Name:     N/A

PPP Type:       N/A

LCP State:      DOWN

IPCP State:     DOWN

Authentication Failures:         0

Session Time: 0 Days, 00H:00M:00S

Packets Sent:   N/A

Packets Received:       N/A

Modem Uptime:         0 Days, 00H:00M:00S

PPP Mode:      N/A

DSL Link        Status

Broadband Mode Setting:       MULTIMODE

Broadband Negotiated Mode: VDSL2 - 8B

DSL Link Uptime:      0 Days, 5H:25M:53S

Retrains:         8

Retrains in Last 24 Hours:      2

Loss of Power Link Failures: 0

Loss of Signal Link Failure:   8

Loss of Margin Link Failure: 0

Link Train Errors:       0

Unavailable Seconds: 476

Transport        Status

VPI:     N/A

VCI:    N/A

ATM QoS class:         N/A

Packets Sent:   532750

Packets Received:       47802567

Error Packets Sent:     0

Error Packets Received:         0

30 Minute Discarded Packets Upstream:       0

30 Minute Discarded Packets Downstream:  0

Channel           Status

Channel Type: Interleaved

Near End CRC Errors:            0

Far End CRC: 0

30 Minute Near End CRC:     0

30 Minute Far End CRC:        0

Near End RS FEC:     1254762

Far End RS FEC:        206

30 Minute Near End FEC:      1870

30 Minutes Far End FEC:       0

Levels Downstream    Upstream

Line Rate:       38333 Kbps     6205 Kbps

Attainable Line Rate: 41042 Kbps     7003 Kbps

SNR:   4.2 dB 3.8 dB

Attenuation:    (DS1)21.5,(DS2)60.8 dB        (US1)8.4,(US2)49.4 dB

Power: 18.4 dBm        9 dBm


Line 2 Status

Connection        Status

Telus Broadband:           Connected

Internet Service Provider:            Connected

PPP Parameter  Status

User Name:        N/A

PPP Type:           N/A

LCP State:           DOWN

IPCP State:         DOWN

Authentication Failures: 0

Session Time:    0 Days, 00H:00M:00S

Packets Sent:     N/A

Packets Received:           N/A

Modem Uptime:             0 Days, 00H:00M:00S

PPP Mode:         N/A

DSL Link              Status

Broadband Mode Setting:            MULTIMODE

Broadband Negotiated Mode:    VDSL2 - 8B

DSL Link Uptime:             0 Days, 5H:27M:27S

Retrains:             8

Retrains in Last 24 Hours:            2

Loss of Power Link Failures:        0

Loss of Signal Link Failure:           8

Loss of Margin Link Failure:         0

Link Train Errors:            0

Unavailable Seconds:     471

Transport           Status

VPI:       N/A

VCI:       N/A

ATM QoS class: N/A

Packets Sent:     555724

Packets Received:           48058490

Error Packets Sent:         0

Error Packets Received: 0

30 Minute Discarded Packets Upstream: 0

30 Minute Discarded Packets Downstream:         0

Channel              Status

Channel Type:   Interleaved

Near End CRC Errors:     3

Far End CRC:      0

30 Minute Near End CRC:            0

30 Minute Far End CRC: 0

Near End RS FEC:             451769

Far End RS FEC: 254119

30 Minute Near End FEC:             22

30 Minutes Far End FEC:              4877

Levels   Downstream     Upstream

Line Rate:           32640 Kbps        3647 Kbps

Attainable Line Rate:      37347 Kbps        6582 Kbps

SNR:      5.3 dB   3.3 dB

Attenuation:      (DS1)21.8,(DS2)61.7 dB (US1)8.5,(US2)50.3 dB

Power:  18.6 dBm            9 dBm


There is still something wrong with the lines.


DSL Link Uptime:      0 Days, 5H:25M:53S

Retrains:         8

Retrains in Last 24 Hours:      2

Loss of Power Link Failures: 0

Loss of Signal Link Failure:   8

Loss of Margin Link Failure: 0

Link Train Errors:       0

Unavailable Seconds: 476


My router has been up for 107 Days with 0 retrains, 0 link failures and 25 unavailable seconds.

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If you're having retrains as @xray stated there is a problem with that line. There are multiple pairs they can use if there happens to be a fault within those pairs. Looking at your line speeds it shouldn't have a problem giving you 50Mbps. Have you just been receiving random techs or has it been escalated and assigned to a higher level tech (their job to diagnose and fix the issue solely) ?

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Yes, they've been random techs.  Only one of the techs left his card, and he seemed like the most knowledgeable.  Unfortunately, he went on vacation for a week the day after his visit.  I was able to get a hold of him yesterday, and he said he would ask a Level 2 tech to look into it.  Still waiting to hear from the Level 2 tech. 


On a side note, we lost all our OptikTV yesterday, got the "Lost connection" message.  Unplugged all the OptikTV boxes, T3200M DSL modem, and wi-fi router connected to the T3200M.  Restarted T3200M, then wi-fi router, then OptikTV PVR.  After the PVR initialized, the channel picture came on for about 10 seconds, then same "Lost connection" message appeared.  I phoned OptikTV support this morning, and they did a reboot of the T3200M from their end and had me reboot everything in same order that I tried before.  Afterwards, I still got the same "Lost connection" message on OptikTV.  Support person said they would have to schedule another site visit, but the earliest available time slot wasn't until three days from now. 


After I scheduled the appointment and hung up with the support person, I thought I would take a look at the settings for the T3200M.  I then remembered that I had enabled Port1 Bridging a couple days ago.  To see if it would make any difference, I disabled Port1 Bridging on the T3200M.  I then unplugged the power for all the OptikTV boxes and turned off my wifi router and waited for the T3200M to finish rebooting.  I then turned on the wifi router and then OptikTV PVR and was able to get the TV working again without any lost connection errors.  I'm not sure why disabling Port1 Bridging would make any difference as I always had it enabled on my previous T2200H.  The only thing connected to the T3200M is my wi-fi router on LAN port 1.  Everything is connected through my router.


Internet speed today is 60Mps down and 8Mbps up... but who knows how long that will last, as it seems to be all over the map this past month.  I guess I'll wait to hear from the Level 2 tech.

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Community Power User

You have your Optik connected to your Wi-Fi router? What happens if you connect them to the T3200M?

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Community Power User

What make & model of router is it? If it doesn't properly support multi-cast data traffic, which Optik uses, that could easily result in lower speeds on all devices.

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