Price hikes! Fiber soon? :P


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So every INTERNET providers rates are going up!! #TELUS $5 bucks just for INTERNET!

So hopefully soon my place has fiber and 4k! the house just up the street is on the fiber build tho too


telus internet rates going up.JPG

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4K is years away from being mainstream so don't get your hopes up. The rate increase is the monkey see monkey do from the competition. It's like clock work every year.

Telus needs a real modem, the actiontec are horrible. Worst modem I've ever used and firmware is stripped of anything useful. Not everyone wants a dumbed down router. The competition doesn't make their modems completely useless. Not sure why Telus feels the need to.

The $5 increase isn't giving me any better service to justify a rate hike. Fibre is never going into my condo. Stuck on a bonded line and service will never get better..

At least give 100gb more data to make it look like you did something..

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Why not have another increase? It's been almost 4-months since the last one.


My Telus internet has gone up 45% in just over 4-years. I have the sames service as I did when I started. OK, not the same, when I signed up there was no monthly cap.


Here's my rate history (not counting any sihn up discounts).

Jan/13 $47/mo

March/13 $52/mo

March/14 $57/mo

Nov/14 $62/mo

March/16 $63

July/16 $68/mo


The statement referred to this increase as a "modest" increase. Since when is a 8% increase "modest"? I thought inflation was running around 2% year over year.




Here another article about it!! upgrades, so fiber optic in BC investment, so they have to put the price up. Am like a dozen houses down the fiber build thoo, come on telus get you act in the game!! 😛


I think I'll try this:


$47/mo for both 15 mb Internet (250GB/mo) and a better phone package.


I'm presently paying (as of July) $68 for Internet and $20 for basic phone (no LD) from Telus. Not sure if I can keep Optik, but if I can't, I can go Shaw.


I tired of these excessive rate hikes. They have eroded my loyalty. I just going to look what's best for me.

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You do realize Shaw just jacked their rates up again too, right? Plus Yak is expensive. There are cheaper resellers out there in terms of monthly rates.  All have additional fees including for hardware.

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Telus just reported their PROFITS GREW by 22%.
And their operating EXPENSES were DOWN 3.1%.
(Globe & Mail, Aug 5/2016

So don't be suckered by their excuse for this rate increase.

They have 1.5 million internet customers.

So that $5 increase nets Telus $7.5 million/month ... $90 million/year.

Nice for the shareholders.

Not so nice for the customers. Who have been asked to bend over. Again.

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I want Telus to keep building profits. My CPP, Retirement plan, RSP, and TFSA depend on Telus, and similar companies continuing to provide growth and dividends through the stocks held in those investment vehicles.



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