Port blocking... STILL?


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You were talking about "only in Canada and only Telus" block port 80 when I said other ISP's do it, so I merely pointed out a major ISP in the USA that did it.


Again, if port 443 is open, why is port 80 closed?!?!?!? If there is a reason to open 443, the same reasons apply to 80.


Port 53 is often blocked because of people who leave DNS servers in default UDP configurations which allows being used in a DoS attack but other then that I agree with you.


With Shaw, I was able to allow connections inbound on port 25 TCP, which allowed me to receive mail on my personal postfix server. Outbound was blocked, but they provided a smart host (SMTP relay) to work around the problem. I wish Telus would adopt a similar policy, since it does reduce the risk of spam if they have rate limited setup on their SMTP relay, but allows you to run your own private email server.


For every other service that I want to run, I simply use alternative ports. For example, you can run SSH on a port like 5222 or something like that instead of 22. For email though, I do absolutely need inbound port 25, since I have no way to ask remote mail servers to use a different port (that I know of).