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Port Forwarding to/from Raspberry Pi

Just Moved In

Hi All,


  I am having issues with port forwarding on the T1200H router. I configured the router ports 1880, 1883 and 8123

to be forwarded to my Raspberry Pi 3 device. The Pi works perfectly on the private IP (, etc.) side

but I need to access it from the Public IP port side (e.g., etc.).

I tested the ports with and all the ports that I configured open fine but I still can't get through to the Raspberry Pi.

Any suggestions as to what could be the problem? The Pi is a wireless device. When I access in on the privet side the get

a proper login page and all works fine. From the public side it simply times out. How can I test it to get further clues?




Just Moved In

Hi guys,

 Here are some things I discovered.

- The Telus 1200H modem does NOT block the ports 1880, 1883, 8123 or 3389. 

- I was able to configure the router to do port forwarding and test that the ports are open using

- If you want to remote access your raspberry Pi you need to install an app called xrdp on it first

- This app on Raspberry PI works on Private IPs and Public IPs, however,

- To access your Pi on Public IP you have to have to physically be away from home! or it wont work !



Just Moved In

Hi there,


I am writing to inform others of the solution I found for connecting to my pi through VNC viewer in case others are having the same issue. I am likely going to use the wrong verbage here as tech is not my thing. I am using the T3200M router


The port (5900) has to be manually added to the router firewall otherwise it gets blocked. This is not all that difficult to do. Look at the side of your modem for the admin settings, username, and password. Open a browser and type the admin settings ip. Something like Yours will be different, but the result will take you to a webpage where you will be prompted to login. Use the router login (usually admin if not provided) and the password. You should be able to access firewall settings from here. Mine appears as an ovious button in a header along the top of the window. On the left side of the screen there is a link to port forwarding. Click that. Select the pi from the "select LAN device" drop down. If it is not there, your pi is not on and connected to the LAN. Fill in 5900 for the start and end LAN ports and press apply to save changes.


Boot VNC on your PC and type the pi IP into the bar if you do not already have a link setup. You will be prompted for the VNC password, then it should boot. FYI - If VNC is open on the pi the connection is blocked, so make sure it is closed.


good luck