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Port Forwarding/Incoming Requests

Just Moved In

So I'm trying to set up a home server for hosting my small website, and I noticed that I have no trouble connecting to it from within my network, even from my external IP or the domain name, but anyone outside my network can't see it. I know the ports are forwarded properly since I can get to the website with the domain and external IP, but I've heard that Telus blocks any incoming communications. I wanted to know if this was true, and if so, if there was any way around this or to get those restrictions lifted.


Community Power User
Community Power User
If it's a simple web server and using port 80, all incoming requests will be blocked by Telus. If it's on a random port not blocked by Telus then you may be able to get it to work but no guarantees. A quick search will show all the blocked ports. All residential connections will have the ports blocked. Only way around that is a business package, which allows servers.

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