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Poor upstream speed.

Friendly Neighbour

We have 25Mbps service but cannot play online games because our upstream speed is under 1Mbps most of the time and if we pull all other devices off the network, may get 1.2Mbps (tested multiple computers) which is still too slow for many games.  My download speeds are above 25Mbps in all the tests I have done.


In my searching on troubleshooting I found documentation about line status and from my understanding of what I read, I have either line issues or dslam issues as the modem was replaced yesterday with a T3200M which made no difference.


I checked the line status and got these figures.

Levels Downstream Upstream
Line Rate: 30919 Kbps 1735 Kbps
Attainable Line Rate: 31772 Kbps 1815 Kbps
SNR: 6.3 dB 5.8 dB
Attenuation: (DS1)25.4 dB (US1)11.1,(US2)62.7 dB
Power: 18.4 dBm 8.3 dBm


From everything I am reading, this is the common thread for attenuation.

20dB and below is outstanding
20dB – 30dB is excellent
30dB – 40dB is very good
40dB – 50db is OK
50dB and above is bad


Since I am seeing attenuation at 62.7db, I say we have a problem yet the TELUS tech said everything is normal.


For the SNR, there is two different SNR readings talked about and I am not sure which version is displayed on our modem.  If it is the one, then we are getting poor connections as well.


10dB and below is bad
11db – 20dB is OK
20dB – 28dB is excellent
29dB and above is outstanding


Since both of our signals are under 10dB, doesn't this show that there is a problem?


We have talked about upgrading to 50Mbps but I am concerned that we will still have issues and not get the service that we are paying for now and concerned that it will just be worse.




Your attenuation is quite high but that may be due to the loop length of the copper pair from the DSLAM internet port to your home. It might be around the block or it might be over 1 km away.


I would be less concerned about your upload speed for gaming and focus more on your ping. Are you getting under 50? 50-100? Where is the game server located? This info is more important for gaming as most online games require no more than 500-750 kbps uptick.

Friendly Neighbour

Ping times are fair to good. is ranges from 25 to 148ms.  Speed tests can be good but gaming sucks.  Can watch the wait for a response.  Nintendo switch actually states you need 1.5Mbps minimum for on-lline gaming.  In the recent test this evening, I was at 0.95Mpbs. 


In his game, the ping times are normally 70 to 80 ms.  Tonight it is over 500.  Others are NOT having problems on the same server.    Game servers he plays are around the world.  He understands that ping times to further away servers will be higher.


My other child cannot connect to the university and upload her stuff fast enough so they are asking for more upload speed as well.  Files are all > meg size so take a long time to upload.  Will be worse when they need upload files during video conference this fall.


Only 20% of what is supposed to be my upload speed.  


This is the current line rate.  I cannot get this with a speed test.  Not even over 1Mbps in the first test I ran this evening.

Line Rate: 30980 Kbps 1504 Kbps
Attainable Line Rate: 31643 Kbps 1771 Kbps


When we first got DSL, it was very fast.  With the online gaming we increased the speed but the upload speed has dropped in the past year and tonight my son cannot play his games.


Over the last three days, I have watched my upstream line rate drop almost 300Kbps. (1735 to 1504).  Not happy with TELUS service at this time.


Just did another speed test and ping was 21ms, download 24.48Mbps, upload 1.19Mbps.


Benefit of moving to 50Mbps is they would have to move me from where I am connected at this time because of the issues for 25Mbps.  If it doesn't improve to at least 80% of the allocated rate, I will go back down to 25Mbps in the cancellation period.  We are looking at changing providers when some construction is complete as it requires all communications lines to be moved but may make the switch sooner if TELUS cannot give us decent service.


Cisco troubleshoot VDSL page.


Troubleshoot VDSL


It repeats the same claim as above about attenuation and SNR. 


I guess if he wants to play games with this connection, the rest of our house should just turn our computers off to give him all the upload bandwidth.


We got our TELUS service survey and it will be a bad review because the service is not working as advertised.


It's not entirely fair to give the technician a poor service review as he didn't do anything wrong. The download speed was working to spec and the upload speed was probably fast enough to pass the quality tests.


If you are that concerned about it you can call him back and request he change your distribution pair to rule out a problem with the copper path from the port to your modem, or you can call/chat in to support and request they dispatch a second tech for a second opinion. Changing the pair, the DSL port, and the modem will narrow down whether your issues are caused by distance from modem to port or if a physical issue may be impacting your fluctuating upload speeds. This is one of those problems that is very difficult for a tech to diagnose and fix if it's not happening when they are on site.

Friendly Neighbour

The technician didn't do the job in my opinion.   The service call was about slow, below advertised UPLOAD speeds.  Phone support agreed that there was an issue and sent out a tech.  Changing modem didn't fix the problem.


So, 1Mbps is within spec for a 5Mbps service.  I hope people don't mind a 60% pay reduction because it is "within spec".


What I am learning.  Attenuation over 60dB is bad.  Not fair, not poor but bad.

50dB and above is bad (from multiple documents)


SNR  under 10 dB is bad.

10dB and below is bad (from multiple documents)


I am a technologist and I would be fired for accepting this in my job.  Part of the reason I am upset.  I have done telephone service and know the issues involved.  I know the issues with wet lines and soaked cables.  I also know the issues with bad pairs as I have had to deal with many of those in my life.

Since the service tech didn't fix the issue that he was called out for, then he didn't do his job.


I am going to change the cable from the demarcation box to my modem this weekend and then order 50Mbps.  The tech that installs it will be here until the service is as advertised on the TELUS site.


Friendly Neighbour

I thought of an analogy to explain how this poor service and why the tech didn't do his job.


You are planning on a trip and your car cannot go faster than 70kph.  You take it to the garage as you know you could go 140kph a few months ago.  You get your car back and it can do 80kph top end.  Would you be happy?  No.  The service tech didn't fix the problem you brought it in for.


I have been learning about troubleshooting VDSL2+ modems and in my search, I found that the manufacturer for the DSL modems for TELUS say that:



"As to the DSL info you posted we see a big issue with the signal. The attenuation is at 59db and should not be over 40db. Also the 30 min CRC and FEC errors are extremely high. Those errors should never be over 100. Until your ISP resolves the DSL signal issues you are going to have connectivity problems. This is not a modem issue but a service issue. You will need to contact your ISP and have them correct the problems with the DSL service."


Slow internet



My Near end FEC's since rebooting my modem are 187 for both and in 24 minutes. 


Even IRC keeps cutting out.


I will wait for the upgrade to 50Mbps if they can do it. 


Wife won't fill out the survey as she feels like you and doesn't want to give the tech a bad review.