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Please Read: Is this putting the customer First- as they advertise?????

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It has been over 3 weeks since lightning took out our landline and nothing has been done yet.  Meanwhile my mother passed away and I was trying to arrange a funeral, couldn't receive calls and had to rely on my cell phone.

So why even have a landline???   This am my husband talked with Telus (sure they're 'All Ears" and it will be another few days before anyone is in our area.  They had sent someone a week or so ago.  We still had no service and found out that our calls were going to the neighbour across the road whom we don't know because they are renters!!!  That's good service?  Shouldn't they have got hold of us to find out if the problem was solved???

Let me add that this is not the first time we have had this experience with Telus.

Time to either get rid of our landline or switch - do you think????


I strongly believe that with the exorbitant rates that they charge, that we should have MUCH MUCH quicker and better service.


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Tech should of followed through and confirmed that service was operating again at your residence.

If you are in what is considered a remote location, thats does cause variable response times.

Community Power User
Community Power User

3 weeks? How remote a community do you live in? Unless you live way out in the sticks, it's very rare to see wait times that long. If you are in a very remote area, escalating may not actually do anything as there may physically not be a tech in the area.

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Community Power User
A little reading between the lines indicates the lightning strike was about three weeks ago.
Telus sent a tech in the interim - possibly when the OP was away from the house, thus no direct contact, but also no reason the line could not have been tested at the demarcation point.
Until this morning, the OP had not called to follow up on the repair. Either they assumed the repair was not done, or that Telus would be calling to follow up. Likely discovering the neighbours were getting calls in error, precipitated both this thread, and the call from the OP husband to Telus.

To Josephine, while I understand your frustration, I have usually found Telus very good about confirming tech arrival times, and if an issue is not resolved after the tech visit, a polite call back to request next steps usually gets an accelerated response.
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