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Playing itunes music via wifi throught Apple TV box


My PC is connected wireless to my telus modem. My Apple TV box is direct connected to the modem, and my receiver. When I play iTunes music from my PC, through the Apple TV box, it will play just fine for quite some time, and then will start to break-up randomly. I assume this must be some kind of wi-fi connection problem. Any ideas on how to resolve? I am in a condo, so have direct line of site from the PC to the modem.


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Community Power User

W-Fi often causes problems, and I recommend Ethernet connections whenever possible. Some things which might be assessed:

  • Are you seeing interference from neighbouring Wi-Fi networks? See if changing the channel choice in your modem settings helps.
  • Is the issue repeatable time wise? Does it start to cut out after a certain number of minutes?
  • Is your PC sleeping, or shutting down the HDD and having to wake or restart HDD?

The volume of music data streamed over Wi-Fi should be small enough that it should not be due to data volumes.




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Thanks for the tips. The PC is on the opposite side of the room from the modem so I would not be able to run a cable that far to hard wire it. There does not seem to be any consistency to the problems. I have played music for an hour or more before the problem starts, and other times the problem starts as soon as I start playing an album. I will look at the modem to see about changing the channel.

Is this a detached house?   You might want to look into powerline Ethernet.

No, I am in a condo. Would that make a difference in the use of this? It sounds like a pretty cool solution.

@kenr wrote:

No, I am in a condo. Would that make a difference in the use of this? It sounds like a pretty cool solution.

For security, powerline is recommended for detached dwellings.  In apartments/condo's you may be on a shared circuit.  If there is a power outage.... the powerline boxes may get confused and connect to neighboring boxes.  Thus your neighbors MAY end up streaming on your account's data.

I appreciate the insight, thanks!

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Community Power User
You won't want a Powerline adapter if you have optik tv. It will cause the picture to digitize and freeze.

Really? I have no Optik problems with my DLink PowerLine for the last 6 months.