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Ping spikes this past week in online gaming when someone is using netflix (Telus Fibre 150)

Friendly Neighbour

I've had Fibre for almost a year now without much issues. This past week whenever someone in my household is streaming Netflix, youtube, etc, I get big ping spikes / go red bar on my xbox one. This wasn't an issue prior to the last week. When I run a speed test on my console during these issues I get roughly 70mb down and 20mb up. When I run a speed test when nobody is streaming I get 100mb down/up. I've got a static IP set up for my xbox, along with all the necessary ports forwarded to get a proper NAT set up. All devices that stream/play games are on wifi (unfortunately).


Any suggestions? Nothing has changed to my knowledge.



WIred or wireless?


To be honest with you I've had little luck with the Actiontec's wireless and use my own router.

Friendly Neighbour

Wireless for the two consoles that are used for Netflix/Youtube, and wireless for my gaming console. 


This wasn't an issue until this week. I've had two people running Netflix at the same time while gaming with no issues for months. Just all of a sudden it's been really bad.