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Phone service repair

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Can you please explain to me why my elderly parent s, who have major health issues, have to go at least 5 days without phone service because you can’t expedite a repair on your own lines? And why it takes 3-5 business days to speak to a manager about my concerns?

Community Power User
Community Power User

The Neighbourhood is inhabited by Telus customers, who have no insight to Tell' policies or practices. There is an option to escalate your parent's issue in the Contact Us section, near the bottom of the page.


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@DRead12   Before 2017 our line was on copper any prolonged rain the line would be unusable or so much noise on it can't hear who you called. At the time i had no cell phone so i went to pay one or used the neighbours phone. I always dialed 0 and asked the operator to get me to the repair department. Worked every time longest wait maybe 24 hrs unless storm damage. In 17 went to fiber crystal clear now no rusting copper joints. For 10 years we had to put up for a real bad noisey line. Numerous trouble calls a year not now. Dial 0 ask for repair they can transfer you. Let them do the transfer.