Phone call back feature


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Just Moved In



I'm trying to reach customer support today.  I've tried twice and opted for the call-back feature.  Both times, I get a call back in about 10 minutes from the automated system that then claims to put me through to an agent.


BUT THEN THE AGENT DOESN'T PICK UP AND I JUST HEAR RINGING IN MY PHONE FOR AN INDEFINITE AMOUNT OF TIME.  At the moment, I've been listening to this obnoxious ringing for 20 MINUTES and going.


The point of the call back feature is to CALL BACK WHEN THERE IS AN AGENT AVAILABLE.   Why am I getting this call back if all agents are still backed up for another half hour or more?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  At least if I'm on hold there's no awful ringing noise.   PLEASE FIX THIS OBVIOUSLY VERY BROKEN CALL BACK FEATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!