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Packet Loss Data

Just Moved In

This is the second time I've run into packet loss data with my account. I do not have time for this as I make a living doing my work on the internet.


How can I fix this issue once and for all? Is there a fix I can do or do I have to wait an hour to get tech each time and then another hour while they fix it?


Community Power User
Community Power User

You'll need to be waaaay more specific on what's going on. If it's a latency issue with a specific server or location, tech support may not be able to do much. If it's a bunch of errors on the connection, which can look like intermittent packet loss, that they can see and deal with. If you speak to them, ask if there have been errors and if the connection profile has changed. 


- What program are you using? Are you dealing with one specific server?

- How are you determining packet loss? (Test with MTR?)

- Is it only on one device or are all PCs/etc affected?

- Is it certain times per day?

- Have you rebooted your modem recently?

- Are you connecting wired or wireless?

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