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PS4 lag on WiFi


I get lag pretty bad on my PS4 if I play multiple player games online (specifically NHL 17). I get a lot of freeze and speed up or I drop out of the game altogether. Sometimes I will get a fine enough connection where it is minimal or not at all, but too often I do get the lag issues. So I contacted tech support via online chat with the intention of seeing if I could possible move my modem downstairs where my PS4 is (it is currently upstairs) or if Telus would provide a service (that I would pay for if reasonable) to convert a cable or phone line jack downstairs so that I could just hard wire the ps4 and not move the modem at all. I did mention to him as well that I had bought a powerline Ethernet adaptor (D-Link AV2 2000) which works perfect when connected to the PS4, no lag whatsoever, but it causes my optic wireless tv to either jumble on the screen or lose connection altogether. The representative I talked to said maybe what I need is an Ethernet switch. We briefly chatted and he explained Telus use to offer these and which ones, but then I had to go as I had an important phone call to take. I figured I would just research this online anyway but I don't quite understand how this would fix my problem. What I've read about the Ethernet switch is that it connects to the modem, but I'd still have to connect an Ethernet cord to the switch, correct? that means a long cable, which I could just plug directly in to the modem anyway. Or does he mean that if I had an Ethernet switch I could again use the Ethernet poweline adaptor and not have my wireless optic tv still work normally?


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What modem/router that Telus supplied are you using (T1200 or T2200H)? What is the signal strength on the PS4. What Internet package are you subscribed to? An Ethernet switch will not help you in your situation, or make the powerline stable. Powerline is very temperamental with optik TV, many users have issues with digitizing etc. Other people have no issues at all, generally wiring is a factor in most cases, others are specific powerline adapters. Everyone has a different experience.


I tried testing a powerline adapter (Dlink DHP-601AV)  in my 2009 condo an had the digitizing problem. I went with a higher quality router and put the Telus supplied mode/router in bridge mode, let it handle the Optik TV. Then used my router for everything else.

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I did just that when I had the T1200.  I put it in bridge mode, turned off it's Wi-Fi, and bought an Asus RT-3100 for internet use.  Worked fantastically.  My modem/router is in the back of the house, and the XBoxOne is in the front of the house, approx. 60ft apart with many walls, plumbing, electrical, etc., in between.  I was getting 70% signal to my XBO on 5GHz.  The other option, if you're on Internet 50 or higher, is to call Telus and ask for a modem replacement to the T3200.  I get a 68% signal on my XBO with around 23ms of latency.  My daughter says that she can play NHL no issues with 6-on-6 gameplay.  And it's really cleaned up my desktop.

Sorry I should have mentioned that I have internet 50 and the T2200H. I also have the WEB6000Q WiFi extender. I get a 100% signal strength on my Ps4 but terrible ping. NHL 17 has a network monitor feature (which basically tracks ping) I get huge ping spikes, over and 100 and above on wifi. Sometimes high enough to kick me out of game. On the powerline adaptor I get generally a 15ms ping. Perhaps I need to do what you guys did and pony up for a new router and scrap the wifi extender. have an airport extreme that I bought in 2012, but that causes my wireless Optik tv to lose signal when I stream a movie via iTunes from my computer on my Apple TV.
Thanks for the suggestions everyone 🙂

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I never had luck with the wifi extender myself, i ended up putting it in the closet. Always seem to have intermittent signal issues. Using my own router it's been perfect since.

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You've both mentioned that you use your own router. I know how to put my modem in bridge mode, and to turn with wireless frequency off, but how would you physically set it up? I have 1 wired Optik tv digital box and 2 wireless. Do I plug the access point for my wireless Optik tv in to the modem itself or the router? What about my wired digital box. Does it matter what port for either? I presume I plug the router into port LAN Port 1 of the modem...

Thanks guys

You plug your WAN line into the Telus modem, and your LAN line for your router into port 1. The TV lines get plugged into the Telus modem in lines 2-4.

On your router, you. connect ALL internet related devices.

Yes. There's not much that uses the 3rd band, and the PlayStation certainly does not. A good dual band router would work. Mine is an Asus RT-3100, and it works great.