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Overbilling By Telus Again

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I can't believe my eyes when I saw the bill for the month of March, 2024! I was charged for $140.97!  I had a home internet plan with Telus since Jan. 26, 2024. The plan says $60/month with the commitment 24 months. Telus overcharged me last month which had been disputed. I thought I will get the "regular charge" this month which is supposed to be $60/month.

I have been Telus customer for over 4 years. I guess loyalty means easy target for Telus! I can't spend another 4 hours on the phone with another Telus agent. For what?! Being abused again!

Is there anyone at Telus can really solve this problem? If not, it's time to leave Telus for ever!


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I have just got overcharged today too!!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks!

could you get in touch with us too, we have tried everything including an email to your CEO and have not received a reply… we negotiated a renewal of our 24 month loyalty plan and the price quoted was confirmed correctly but the invoices since then have increased the fees for our home services above the agreed and confirmed amount.  


One way might be pay your bill before the due date. If they over charge then deduct it from the next months bill.

Watch your bill for next month. This happened to me and was overcharged for 6 months in a row. Sick of calling them each time it happens.

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I would make sure to keep checking your monthly bills. Telus has been pretty bad with overcharging with very little information as to why there is an charge. I think there is a disconnect with call centres and their help sometimes.

I have been having issues since November 2023.  I even had CRTC involved and when Telus promised me they would correct it (after being promised by Telus that it was being fixed I withdrew it, huge mistake I should have kept it opened until it was corrected).  I will give them one more chance and if not corrected I will contact CRTC once again.  I have spent hours on the phone with them, I don't know what is going on with Telus I was always happy with them before this all happened. I have had terrible experiences with their call centre.  

Very sorry to hear that you are also having this experience. After posting this, emailing the CEO (never received a response), and sending emails requesting a correction, we called Telus customer service for account billings and was fortunate to connect with a really helpful representative who immediately saw the problem and processed the correcting credits. We also received a $100 bill credit on our next statement. We share your concern about Telus’s service having deteriorated but then, also hear about problems with Telus’s competitors and so wonder if it’s reflective of industry-wide problems.

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Have you reached out to our team to get this corrected? Let us know, thanks!


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I was overcharged in the first month getting Optic TV after being a Telus internet customer for 20+ years. I had to phone and connect with a human to get it off the bill. I recommend being diligent about checking your monthly bill. I am nervous what they have done in Billing.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I too recommend being diligent about checking your bill every month, and to reach out to our team over the phone or online if you ever see anything out of the ordinary or feel the system has made an error of some kind.

I just received my bill yesterday and to no surprise, I was overcharged again. It’s a royal PIA trying to get a hold of a real person to talk to. The Telus chat bot is the stupidest thing ever. Took 15 min to get by the stupid thing before it sent me to a so called team member.