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Overage charges to implemented later 2014



Telus has upgraded its systems to allow for daily Internet usage monitoring via your Telus online account. To be rolled out April 21 2014


The first stage is for you to learn how much data you use per month and if you need to go to a higher Internet package. The Usage Tracker will provide details of daily data usage and a running total of their usage to date for their current billing cycle.


The second stage will be enforcement of GB limits with overage charges. Unknown start date, at this time.


People in Prince George(June 1 2014), who have high usage over the allotted cap, will pay overage charges. Those would probably be users on the 50Mbps plan. Those on 25Mbps will probably be asked to upgrade to 50Mbps if available.


There will also be an unlimited GB option starting in June 2014, available on any Internet speed plan.




CPU Alum
CPU Alum
This is going to be very interesting. Previously, media reports stated a small percentage of people exceed "data caps", so many providers ignored the numbers.

Personally, I'm stream very few videos and with Optik even less.

However with cloud computing, data consumption will increase. Also many are now using online backup services. This too will increase consumption.