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Optik tv freezes, fragments and glitches

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I'm really hoping for feedback from more than one person so I have a bit more to chew on with this. We are fairly new to Optik tv and I have to say that, at this point, not impressed. 

Long story short, in just a few short months we've had the tech here 4 times, including install and last night we got the fragmented picture that froze.... again. We spent at least an hour and a half unplugging and re-plugging boxes, etc., the whole routine. You end up missing programming and that's not a good time, especially considering last night was "big football game night".

Does anyone else have this issue? I'm finding this absolutely exhausting.  I feel like I'm paying for something I don't really have and we all know how time consuming and frustrating calling for a tech or live chat for the same can be. All the new-fangled options of Optik seems rather pointless if they are unreliable in delivery/service. If you need to be a techy yourself to make a go of this then, again, pointless to have, especially for the price. I want to plug in and go. I know they need upgrades now and again but not twice a week or more.  That's kind of ridiculous, right?

Should I just ask for complete uninstall and all new equipment re-install?

I really feel myself inching closer to Shaw cable right now. Has anyone had that service recently?

Thanks so much


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Community Power User

I had it once but it turned out to be a bad network switch in my place that was causing it. Swapped it out and problem went away. Pretty sure that's not a common occurrence among the rest of the people out there.


I'm assuming the techs that visited checked all the lines, the line filter, etc. New hardware in the house likely won't fix it or I suspect the techs would have tried that. One other uncommon issue I remember popping up a while back had to do with certain Windows PCs and their network cards causing interference on the home network. It's unlikely but if you have any computers plugged in to ethernet, try temporarily disconnecting them and see if the TV improves. Wifi won't be a problem for this.

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Unplugged every cat5 cable from the switch. Maybe a slight improvement but it still pixelates.

biggest issue I have had so far is the 4k PVR saying it's busy and everything locking up...beyond that all is good


@sadfacecustomer wrote:

I really feel myself inching closer to Shaw cable right now. Has anyone had that service recently?

Thanks so much

I have Shaw TV. I've never had Telus TV so I can't compare. I can say Shaw internet is stellar, but TV, not so shiny anymore. Canadian stations are always fine for me, but US stations can often break-up and go black-screen for a minute or two. European channels, forget them, you won't get them consistently. My son had some of the same issues, so he switched to Telus a year ago, and he's happy with that. You may have better luck with Shaw, but something's definitely going terribly wrong over there.

Meh I just moved over from Shaw , actually I'm a ex shaw employee .. The service is fine for what it is and the blue sky boxes they have now are just "Ok" In many ways still behind telus in terms of service from my opinion