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I've been doing some renovations on my mom's house outside of Hope.  Just noticed today that they're getting ready to install FTTH (big fiber slack loop on the pole directly in front of the house)  Checked the Fiber site, it says that neighbourhood should be live in April.

Now, this house was built in '82 so it's sorely lacking in the cabling department.  There are only 2 coax runs and 3 phone jacks, which are daisy-chained quad wire.  I was planning to pull CAT5E everywhere but now I'm really starting to think about what I want to do.  The existing aerial drop/demarc is at one end of the house, but I was thinking that it would be nice to put the ONT & router in the middle of the house for easier cable runs and better WiFi coverage, plus there's a receptacle nearby.

It's my understanding that the installer will bring a fiber drop to a box outside, then they run bend-insensitive fiber to the ONT inside.  The BICS documents say they want a 1" nonmetallic conduit run to the central wiring area, so I was planning to install this while I've still got holes in the drywall.  I guess my real question is what to do with the end of the conduit outside.  Should I just poke it through the wall and let them deal with it in a few months?  Could I perhaps get my hands on the fiber junction box and get it mounted ahead of time? (is it still called an NIB for fiber?)

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If the conduit is capped off outside so water doesn't get in, I imagine that should be enough. Normally the ONT will be installed wherever the tech deems easiest. I'd expect that to be an outside wall right where the fiber comes in. If you run Cat5e everywhere it won't matter where the ONT is installed.

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The ONT will be inside the house, as it requires an electrical outlet for power.

The fibre is not 'bend-insensitive', but can be routed through a reasonably small radius, such as you might bend conduit.

From the ONT, all the runs are ethernet (or coax). I suggest you move ahead with your original plan, and run CAT 5e or CAT 6 cable throughout the house, in preparation for the install. You will need ethernet cable from ONT to the gateway, and from the gateway to the main TV. You will also need to address any computer connections you want to include. If near the gateway, it is simple, else run ethernet cable as necessary.

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How come his getting fibre in April in hope,  BC and I live in Surrey, BC It's been lad for all most a year.  Witch is better Cate 5e or 6? Help

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Well for one, you live in Surrey. Also, because it is Surrey.

Cat5e is all you need. Most PCs can't even saturate that. Cat6 is just going to be a waste of money for a residence.

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