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Online gaming latency...high ping times.

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Trying to play NHL 16 on Xbox 1. I've gone through troubleshooting of every kind - both on EA's end and Telus - nobody can provide an answer. The issue seems to be common in the Edmonton area.

Anyways, EA requests that you do a UO Trace to identify the routing of connections to their servers, and has the following advice;

"If you consistently notice high ping times, contact your Internet Service Provider and report the situation to them. Be sure to have a list of the problem hosts or to run UOTrace while you are speaking with them."

Here are my results - any help is appreciation - nobody is stepping up with suggestions and there seems to be a lot of finger pointing.

Host Name IP Address Hop Ping Time Ping Avg % Loss Pkts r/s Ping best/worst

* Unknown Host * 1 2ms 3ms 0% 111 / 111 1ms / 23ms

* Unknown Host * 2 3ms 6ms 0% 111 / 111 2ms / 46ms

* Unknown Host * 3 27ms 28ms 5% 105 / 111 21ms / 101ms 4 61ms 64ms 0% 111 / 111 54ms / 470ms 5 73ms 65ms 0% 111 / 111 58ms / 152ms 6 69ms 73ms 0% 111 / 111 66ms / 160ms 7 69ms 73ms 0% 111 / 111 68ms / 160ms 8 70ms 72ms 0% 111 / 111 65ms / 153ms

* Unknown Host * 9 60ms 65ms 0% 111 / 111 59ms / 210ms

* Unknown Host * 10 75ms 67ms 0% 111 / 111 62ms / 132ms 11 255ms 248ms 4% 106 / 111 188ms / 502ms

* Unknown Host * 12 197ms 100% 0 / 110

* Unknown Host * 13 200ms 231ms 1% 108 / 110 172ms / 456ms 14 235ms 213ms 1% 108 / 110 170ms / 406ms

Thank you.


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Community Power User

The majority of people here are Telus customers, not employees. The tech support people also have no way to sort this out either. Most are not remotely trained to the level of understanding peering/routing.

There is one very specific way to deal with peering issues and the forum isn't it. I recently got a peering issue fixed for myself but it took time and a lot of specific information to even get an initial response. You'd also need much more comprehensive information. First step is download WinMTR (free) and run that for a minute or two to get a good read on the connection, then post those results instead. UOTrace results are a mess. (screenshot is best as it keeps the text formatting) Save a copy to your PC just in case.

My average latency to that EA game server ( is only 92ms, and that's decent to California. I tested while I had multiple downloads running. I am also in the Edmonton area and my path to that game server looks quite different than yours. Are you on Optik? Fibre? Copper?

I find that many servers in California have high latency issues from Canada. Texas is worse. Seattle/Chicago are quote good usually.

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Thanks Nighthawk. I am on Optik.