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Office Internet

Just Moved In

Hello, I'm wondering what the rules are for sharing office internet. Right now we have 2 offices. One is able to get Telus services, but the other is just outside of town, about 5 KM away from our main office, outside of the service area for Telus and Shaw and the only options are satellite or smart hubs. Are we allowed to share the internet from our main office to our other office wirelessly? We're looking at connecting the other office with Ubiquiti airFiber. We have direct line of site so should be no issues with that, I'm just curious about what the rules are. Thank you.


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I don't see anything in the service agreement that specifically forbids a site to site type of wireless transmit, but perhaps this can be construed as service sharing.

Sharing (except for wireless LAN) is explicitly forbidden in the service agreement.




Community Power User
Community Power User

According to this description, you are running a LAN, and should not be contrary to the terms of service, as long as you are not providing services to another entity beyond your company. Once Internet service from Telus is available to your satellite location, you may find it easier to cease maintaining your wireless LAN interconnect and use a further telco connection.  I'm also assuming your LAN will carry company traffic which may never reach the Internet, such as data backups between the two locations, as having two offices separated gives the perfect opportunity for each to have an off-site data backup hosted at the other location!


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