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Nothing in "classic home services" works

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For at least the past *six* months, absolutely anything that directs to the classic home services area and that would allow a customer to modify any aspect of their account (create email addresses, modify telephone directory listing, etc., goes immediately to the 'Unfortunately we were unable to process your request" page. This wouldn't be an issue if the there was an alternative interface that did work. And NO, calling and talking to an agent is not a reasonable option. Period. It is not an improvement in customer service to talk to someone about it. I am NOT giving email passwords and the like to a stranger. That's just bad practice and I most certainly do not trust customer service agents with any more information than I have to give them.


To make matters worse, every time I have raised the issue with a Telus representative, they insist that everything is working for them. They are obviously lying. The last conversation went something like (rough paraphrase but it gets the gist of the conversation):


Agent: I can get the internet service screen

Me: Can you add an email?

Agent: I can get the internet service screen

Me: But can you actually do anything?

Agent: I can get the internet service screen

Me: Did you try actually adding an email address?

Agent: It must be your browser.

Me: This happens on seven different browsers on four different devices.

Agent: I can get the internet service screen

Me: ...


You get the picture. So not helpful and almost certainly deliberately obstructionist.


It's clear that the "new" interface was inflicted on everyone before it was ready and for some reason the entire back end system supporting the classic interface was taken offline before the new interface had feature parity. It's equally clear that the front line support people have been instructed to deflect, stall, and otherwise prevaricate about what's going on. There is no way it would still be nonfunctional after six months if it was a temporary thing.


There are exactly two ways for Telus to make this right:


1. Fix the classic home services system so it works and keep it working until all functionality is present in the new system

2. Get the new system fully functional immediately, and by fully functional, I mean to feature parity with the stuff that the old classic system purports to support doing.


There are no other options.


Community Power User
Community Power User
I tried the classic look and it still works fine to modify anything in my account.

Not sure why it's not working for you..

As a rough guess, it works fine over at the west coast where the call centre and such is but not in Alberta. Or something stupid like that. Or it's due to my account only being 6 months old. Or maybe it was provisioned in such a way that prevents the classic stuff from working. But quite frankly, I don't care. Telus is providing me with a nonfunctional interface that has been consistently nonfunctional for six months and that's the only thing I can see. Figuring out why it doesn't work is Telus's responsibility. Not mine.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I can't make changes to calling features, but can change Long Distance and Directory listing pages.

The webmail interface now allows one to create auto-forward and auto-reply functions.

However, I too, am surprised that password changes require the involvement of a Telus CS rep, as my expectation is that a password is known only to me.  I'm guessing there were problems which caused these functions to be removed, rather than it be an oversight of including them.


If you want full control over your email address, an outside solution might be best; then you can have your email work exactly the way you wish, and have full control of the functions of an email service.


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