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No service and horrible communications

Just Moved In

I am moving and Telus disconnected my phone and TV 2 weeks ago. I have yet to have services installed at my new location. As I am transitioning to the new location I gave them the option to at least restore services to my old address a week ago so they could get the move organized - still no working services at either address.


Every appointment they have made, which they also send an email confirmation with, has been changed without any notice to me. The issue has been escalated with a Manager who seems to only work 2 days a week and doesn't care to return calls, even when she says she will follow up.


Between house and mobile, I pay around $400/month. Between my wife and myself, we now have 9 hours invested in this issue (more than Telus I'm sure) - We deserve better than this. 


Someone please contact me - Escalation reference number XXXXX




Community Power User
Community Power User

The forums are inhabited by customers like yourself and myself. If you're dealing with an escalation, the best thing to do is call Telus and deal with the escalations people directly. They should already be familiar with the issue. 

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The actual issue is that Telus doesn't communicate. Appointments are not kept and are changed without notice. When calling, I must re-explain the issues each time I speak to someone new - even if they read the notes and regardless of organization level.


If I take my car to a mechanic, I get a call letting me know what is wrong and what the fix is

If I get a test done by a doctor, I get a call back letting me know results

If I hire a lawyer to prepare documents they call me to review when they are ready


If you call Telus and they need to work on your issue, they should be contacting their customer and updating them and let them know what is happening. This is called customer service. If I leave a message to be called back with a person or department they should call back.


If they are going to email out appointment times then they should stick to those times. If they cannot make it, they should contact the customer and inform them. If you miss a doctor's appointment now days, the doctor can charge the patient directly for a booking fee.


All we (people inhabiting this forum) are really asking for is some proper customer service and respect.


If you want mathematical proof, in the last year I have spent more on Telus ($4800) than my mechanic, doctor and lawyer combined ($3500).




@jamacdon Sorry to hear about your experience. We have contacted our residential team and asked that a manager contact you today. 

We have also removed your escalation reference number from the original message, to protect your privacy.