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An account was set up for me for Internet 50. So the installer/tech went here to check our place and his final assessment was to make holes on the walls. He gave me a consent form to see if I can talk it out with the landlord. Our landlord did not agree at all with making holes the wall.


Question: How will I cancel the account that was setup for me? Or should I just leave it as it is? Or the Tech will make a note that it is not possible to put a line on this particular client?

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Community Power User

I suggest calling back to Telus / the installer with the information that the landlord would not sign the consent form, and ask the install request be cancelled.



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Your landlord's response is not surprising.  Especially if you are a new tenant and not planning to be there for several years.


Multiple holes is the main reason I switched to Telus.  Telus's wireless Optik boxes allow me to have 3 wireless cable boxes anywhere in the home, plus one wired connection.  Shaw promises more TV's.... however it means holes and cables everywhere.... more holes if I decide to relocate my TV's.


You might need to look for a new place that offers a reliable TV and internet you want.