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Nexflix app wont open on 4K PVR receiver.


Just got Optik TV installed last week. The only issue I am having is that the Netflix app wont open on my 4K PVR receiver. It works fine on my other 2 wireless HD boxes. Any one else having this issue? Any solutions? 



The latest firmware upgrade was to fix that.  Did you check which firmware version you have?  

I found a "platform OS/Version"  its listed as Unix/ , is this the latest? also is there a way to get your box to check for new firmware updates?


Just to add: the client version is 3.1.33566.453(RELEASE) 

That is the latest firmware.  I am not sure what is happening.  A call to Telus tech department should fix it.  Sometimes, they can send a signal to the pvr from their end and fix small glitches.  In my case the caller id didn't work and they fixed it like that.

Thanks for your info. I called telus a couple hours ago. Sadly their system is down and the tech support guy didn't have access to his "tools".  so just got me to reset everything. Didn"t solve the issue, but I'm supposed to get a call back the their system is back up.   

Good to know they are going to call you back.  With Telus systems there are certain things only they can do from their end.  Reset doesn't do some of those things.  I have gone through that a few times.  One thing a hard reset of the 4K receiver does is to wipe out all your recordings--just happened to me a few weeks ago when that latest firmware was pushed.  

Well the issue is fixed now. In the the end they had to replace my 4k PVR box. Nobody could figure out why t wouldn't work with my first one, seems still be some issues with some of them.