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New symmetrical 150mbps plan


Well that was...unexpected. I figured Telus would somehow match Shaw's new plan, I did not expect them to create a plan totally untouchable by Shaw.


Anyone know any more info on this new plan? It looks like my old internet 150 plan was automatically switched to this new one according to the "My Account" page. The speeds I'm getting are still 150/30 though.

It looks like they've also dropped the 100/20 plan, I'd be interested to hear from customers that had that plan. Did you automatically get bumped to the new 150/150 plan?


I'd just like to say I'm very impressed with Telus taking the initiative and offering the first symmetrical fiber plan for general consumers. Close to 70% of my usage is upload, and I've been looking for a plan like this for years.


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Community Power User

Still on 100/20. The asymmetric service is not an issue for me, as my uploads are definitely less than yours!

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Even if you can't use the speed you might want to switch anyways. It looks like the monthly rate of the 150/150 is actually cheaper than the 100/20 used to be. 😉


I also had the 150/30 plan with 650gigs of data. Just looked at my account and looks like they switched it to the 150/150 with 1T data. This is awesome, and now shaw can't even touch it.

I just did a speed test over wifi and got around 90 upload consistently. Hardwired through the LAN got me upload speeds of over 110, so I'm pretty stoked about the upload speeds now.


The plan sounds good at $75 per month. However, it appears to not be available in most of Edmonton until past 2017. We are in the middle of one of the large "pink" areas which has no scheduled service date.

ya telus upgraded me to this as well, I get 168/168 on speed tests and around 20.3MBps up and down in real world uses (Drop box, steam etc)

Would love for them to give an increase upload option on the VDSL packages... many customers have 2 lines both capable of 30-40 Mbit upload, we should get at least a 100/50 option for the bonded DSL now that the original 100/20 has been removed.