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New customer on 4th of July 2014 Internet doesnt work

Just Moved In

I have just recently setup a new account with Telus, TV and Internet. It was installed on the 4th of July. The TV works fine, but the internet doesnt.
I have been on hold and given false promises from telus agents from guatamala and Philipines that they can solve my problem. The TV works but the internet doesnt, they even told me its an outage in my area. if that so how is the tv working? I havnt recevied any notice from telus that there was an outage and the Representative who signed us up should have warned us for the delay and could have planned out another alternative.
The main problem it that my internet is on limited access and cannot move futher than the HTML home page after accepting the agreement. Being without internet for almost a week now. 
Please can someone from Burnaby or Vancouver get in contact with me.



Rebooted your Telus Gateway since install?


Tell support they screwed up applying your Internet 'speed profile' or just applying your Internet profile for use. That'll up it to the next level who can actually help you.


Optik TV and Internet are two different profiles. They can operate independently and Optik is QOS(quality of service) to not be affected by Internet use.




I did that, they said that is hasnt registered( device) . I tried wired connection, reset the modem and changed the wires up. Everyone in my neighbourhood is using their internet. First of all my install ticket was messed up with two technicans, one who came as a contractor and was ready to setup the interent but then realised there was another ticket for tv to another technican. He then left and told me to tell the other technician that he set up with the internet at the HUB. When the other technician came he was just in a hurry to get out and told me to refresh the page and keep clicking accept and it should activate. This was all on friday 4th of July.

Somebody screwed up and your Internet profile is stuck in the authorization system, so Escalate it.