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New Fiber Install in apartment complete crap

Friendly Neighbour

Just had telus bring fiber into our apartment building. Unfortunately being we had stacked conduits here they did not run fiber from the electrical room into each unit, instead used the existing Cat5E cables each unit. All I have to say is.... It sucks..... Always losing connection inconsistent speeds overall the old copper internet from telus was way better never had one problem. What I don't understand why only use one pair of wires out of the cat5e cable and just use all the pairs like a internet cable kind of like the ONT to the modem back when fiber just came out would better. All I know what we have now is wonderful and you know its bad when the wife is complaining about it.     


Community Power User
Community Power User

The way they installed it could have been done that way for a few reasons. It's not often we end users hear of installs like that. My strata had individual fibre strands run to each unit. Ethernet never uses one pair of wires. It's either 2 pairs or all 4 pairs. 4 pairs are needed for gigabit speeds.

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See that’s the thing I have gigabit plan and it sucks at my old place I had gigabit and was awesome not one problem