Netflix subtitles unreadable


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I am really frustrated with trying to read subtitles on Netflix through Optik TV. The white words do not show up against a white background. Why is there no way to change the appearance of subtitles on Netflix through Optik TV? And if there is no way to change it, cannot the default appearance of subtitles include a dark box behind the white words so they can easily be read??

You can change the caption options if you go to the Netflix website itself and make the changes in your Account.  It is then reflected in the OptikTV Netflix app - at least for the VIP5662 pvr.  But something weird is going on with the IPV5050 boxes - they use a different Netflix app and all the options and interface is different from the VIP5662 - and the captions are completely different even if I set them on the Netflix website for my account. Strange indeed.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

@JJR @psalmone1 Hey guys!

Even if there are weird captions on the Optik Netflix app, you would need to reach out to Netflix for this issue as Telus has a contract with them to use the app. So you would need to reach out to the Netflix developers for this.


Hope this helps!


I've noticed the new 4K pvr boxes show the subtitles better than the older boxes.  Maybe Telus can roll out an update for Netflix on the older boxes?

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@Ipod as stated below it’s up to Netflix to update the app not Telus.

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