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My neighbors have changed to shaw ..


My neighbors have changed to Shaw do to the poor service Telus provided them.





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Perfectly legitimate in an open marketplace. I hope they are more satisfied than I was.


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As they hope you will be more satified then they and I and a ton of people are with Telus.

You have yet to see their incompetence , believe me when I tell you your not even a concern to Telus they will ignore you until you go away.


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The time I was with Shaw never again. Node saturation and constant disconnects. Always had constant issues with tv (woke up every morning to the weather channel because the box crashed), lose connection, digitizing.

When I posted (politely and in detail the issues) on their forum and stated my issues they banned me and deleted the post. So others couldn’t see the problems. This after 5 service calls the techs said I had to “live with it”.

Great customer service. That day I returned their equipment and never looked back. Telus has worked flawless for me. Any issues I had were fixed promptly.

Everyone has their own experiences.

Be sure to check the high definition channel selection with Shaw. I was ignored until I went away, like many others endlessly filling out the “Channel Request Form”. I waited more than 4 years and still no Timeshift PBS channel in high def.  After there was no longer a CW channel in HD, many people complained. Nearly a year later, this hasn’t been rectified. 


My only regret is that I didn’t switch to Telus sooner. 

What a debacle telus and Shaw are both giving poor service to long time users.

It appears NEW customers get the service they paid for and the rest of get shoddy service and weak to no support.



I have been a long time customer of Telus and have been really satisfied with their service, picture quality, no service interruptions, most HD channels. Problem with box freezing was resolved with installation of new box and also the newest Modem.


My friends have also switched to Telus because of constant service problems on Shaw.

Many people go between Shaw and Telus every few years.....they get fed up with the poor quality and sub-par service of one company and move to the other when their memory of the poor quality and sub-par service has faded.


Most of my neighbours and myself have recently switched to Telus.


People are so quick to aggravate themselves these days.


I've had Shaw at my current location for 20 years. In 2 decades, obviously I've had issues, but I have no complaints. Switching providers because of technical issues, or issues with tired reps, just aggravates your life. There's no perfect technology, and customer reps are people, and there are no perfect people, wrap your head around that and life is so much easier. Smiley LOL





I had Shaw for many years,but the service is terrible so ended up finally going with Telus.

With Shaw I also ended up getting a cheap $ 9.95 a month dial up service which

ended up being better than Shaw.

 I have not heard of the $10 a month dial up internet actually thought dial up was no longer offered.
I take it its still offered in some Rural areas. Although my internet comes in via a  landline ..maybe Im using dial up now sure seems like it !

 Im getting from 0.3 to 0.8 Mbps download speed

Dial up goes back a few years,it may not be offered now.

I will have to check.

Just checked on Google.There seems to be lots of companies still offering a dial up service.

Just Moved In

I agree with you !

Even when you set your recording longer than the allotted time, Telus will ignore it. Today we were watching the US OPEN Tennis match between Djokovic and del Potro. The recording stopped before the match was completed on all TSN channels (I recorded it on all channels) We would have liked to see  all of the match and the trophy presentation but the recording stopped before that happens. I believe Telus does not care for their tennis customers because not enough people watching the tennis program, and therefore they make less money on the advertisements than on a more popular program. This is also obvious at the beginning of the recorded tennis programs which are often start later to complete a more popular previous program. However, a tennis program never exceeds the time allotted to it by Telus.  

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Telus doesn’t own TV stations that provide the programming and are merely distributors of the content. Guide data is also supplied by a third party.

The PVR will record the increments you set to record past a current set time. If the feed is cut that’s all on TSN.

I just recently switched from Shaw and I will never go back. Telus actually seems to want to be in the TV business and I think with Shaw its just the opposite.

You have to set the parameters for a program you want to record especially if it is a live show, this has nothing to do with Telus.  If you ask the PVR to record a show that has an allotted 2 hours of airtime it records for two hours and that's it. If your tennis match goes into extra sets the PVR has now way of knowing that! Funny that this has to be explained, I empathize with Telus!


DCI, did your neighbors tellyou they moved to Shaw to get cheap introductory INTERNET service with a gift credit card?  Shaw TV is poor.  Not all HD channels that Telus provides are available on Shaw and NO 4K TV Other than the special Subscription ones.  Your neighbors will be back when their commitment to Shaw ends.