Multiple Router Setups on a 2 bedroom apartment


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I am moving out in about a week with a roomate and am looking to get Telus internet for the apartment. The only concern I have is will I be able to get two routers/modems so I can have LAN internet connections running in both rooms.


In the past I have tried using the Telus PVR as a internet run through but it never worked ( Not sure if that was due to an error on my end or a setup issue).


I am a computer enthusiast so before anyone says anything, no I do not wish to compromise and work on a wireless connection in one of the rooms. I would sooner eat my own sock then work/game on a wireless internet connection.

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Community Power User

The Telus PVR does not provide an Internet connection, you will need a gateway, to which the PVR will connect. From the gateway you can obtain 2 IP addresses, by use of a port 1 bypass, allowing you to have 2 independent LANs. 

Stop back for more help once you have the Internet service at your new place, or peruse this forum for other discussions on this topic. 

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