Moving Arris VIP5662W


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When my devices were first installed one of the boxes was linked in directly to my wifi modem with a yellow cable. But I switched around bedrooms today and understood my PVR box could be connected wirelessly. But now that I’ve plugged it back into a TV in a new room and turned it on, it doesn’t go past the “Your Optik TV Box is initializing, this will only take a moment” window, and it won’t do anything else. Been on this screen for almost 50 minutes. I’ve held down the power button to reset and just end up back at the initializing screen. How do I fix it so it can be connected wirelessly and actually in working order again?
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To my recollection. only the new 4K PVR are wireless. The older units need an Ethernet connection. You can return the PVR to an Ethernet connected location, and access all your programming from another device.  One of my friends has his PVR in a central location in the basement with no TV attached, and wireless devices connected to each of the. TVs in his house.


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