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Modem issue

Just Moved In
Good Evening everyone,

While watching tv tonight my tv lost signal, tried the internet and no connection. Went to check the telus modem (t2200h) and all 4 ethernet lights were out plus the hpna light. Called telus tech support ( waited 45 min on hold) tech support person escalated problem to level 2 support and they could not figure out the problem. Anything i try and plug into the ethernet ports will not light up on the modem.

Everything was working fine up until about 8 pm tonight then it all stopped working.

Telus technician cannot come out until Saturday Morning to take a look.

Anyone have any ideas?

Very frustrated right now!!!! 😞

CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Things I would try.....

  • unplug power to modem for two minutes.  Then plug power back in.
  • factory reset with a pen in the tiny button (warning you need to setup your devices again if you have a custom SSID).


What time last night? In the #surreybc area? Mine went out at 8:30pm pt for a good 30 secs, I think some might of hit a poll but there's away crappie services down here, need underground fiber! 😛

Kief, the issue OP described is something entirely different than a brief connection interruption. Theirs sounds like potential hardware failure.


If someone hit a pole and knocked out services, they'd be down until a repair crew got out to fix them rather than just your modem having a momentary loss of connection. Also Surrey is a HUGE area. Normally if you're having significant connection problems, being more specific is helpful. (ie. Fleetwood, White Rock, etc).

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