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Hello, Would I be able to move my modem to different places with coax inputs throughout my house? There are 3 different coax cables running from the roof which come to a 3 to 1 splitter, the 1 coax cable running out the splitter is then connected to my modem. There are a couple of wires which are going from my modem to a router looking thing which probably is used for the Telus Wireless Digital box.

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In order to move the modem, in nearly all cases, a field tech is required to come out and move it. Main reason is that when the modem is installed, it's typically isolated to one phone jack and won't work elsewhere without some re-wiring. The modem will NOT get an internet connection over coax. That's Shaw's game. Telus uses the phone lines or fiber lines. Is there any reason why you want to move the modem that isn't related to coax? 


If your modem says "Actiontec" on it, it is also the router. If you have wireless set top boxes, that device you are thinking is the router is just the wireless access point those boxes connect to.

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My modem is in the basement so I usually don't get a strong signal.

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You could also purchase an inexpensive router / access point such as the  DIR-605 L by D-link, and install it at a better location in your house. You would need to run an Ethernet cable from your Actiontec to the D-link for best signal.  The  DIR-605 L has an easy to use interface for set up.


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