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Misleading Website

Just Moved In

Why does Telus not disclose the real fees associate with their services on their website, similar to what other service providers disclose? I can only assume that they do not want customers to compare plans and to trap them into long term contracts where they would need to re-mortgage their home in order to cancel their contract? I also find it interesting that when contacted directly (60 minute wait), they still were not willing to disclose the actual fees associated with their services? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Is there something in particular you wish clarified?



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Friendly Neighbour

If they don't disclose costs, which they have done before, I just call and complain to billing.  So far, I have been 100% successful in not paying anything I haven't agreed to.  Now, I just ask about costs anytime I agree to let them do something and write down names.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Depending on what costs are being questioned, at the bottom of many of the pages on the Telus website there is a big button that says Show Conditions and brings up fine print including some of the possible fees.

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I as well have asked Telus to cover some unexpected cost and they have agree.

they did the right thing, concerning the situation and I thanked them for it.

Good job Telus nice to see a company that believes in what they say.