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Migration from Copper to Pure Fibre-My experience


I have had 3 home services with Telus for a long time. Around November of 2017 our area(Terwillegar in Edmonton) got upgraded to Fibre and I soon got my internet upgraded from 50 mbps(bonded copper) to 1 50 mbps fibre.  My phone was still on copper line.  Around August of 2018 I got the internet upgraded to 300 and kept everything else the same.  


In December 2018 I started reading reports on the internet where Telus was offering 750/750 and in some cases 950/950 for some really good prices(around $50-70).  Since I was already paying that much for my 300 mbps, I thought it was worthwhile asking Telus to see if they would upgrade mine for no additional cost. I must, however, say that I was completely satisfied with 300 mbps and also there was nothing that I was doing that needed 750 or 950. 


Anyway, I did call the Loyalty & Retention and talked to a very nice agent(don't want to put his name here without his permission) and put forth my case.  To my pleasant surprise, after checking how long I have been with Telus for all three services, he said he would do it but I had to migrate to pure fibre and the new billing system.  I agreed and he scheduled a Tech visit.

Around the third week of December I had the services migrated and after changing the home telephone to fibre they found out that the special call forwarding feature I have had for a long time on copper would not work on fibre(basically I would dial *72 and it would forward the calls to my cell phone and *73 would cancel that.  No need to put in the cell phone number each time as in the regular call forwarding).  The tech called his tech and eventually I was told they will work on that issue and will let me know.

Recently I heard from them and while that exact feature could not be installed, they had a solution.  It is an app on the google play store(and apple store as well) that is called Telus Home Phone 2 go.  Once setup and given required permissions it works in the background until you logout. The calls to the home number ring on the cell phone all the time and if you are away, you may answer it on the cell phone and if you are home you can answer it on either home phone or cell phone.


If you are on the cell phone talking and you get a call on the home line, it automatically goes to voice mail.  You can also assign a separate ring tone to this home line so you know right away whether the incoming call is to the cell or home line.  Overall, it is a very neat feature and is even more convenient than the old one as I don't have to do the *72 each time I get out.


One other thing I noticed after migration is that the call display only displays 7 digits instead of full 10.  So, it drops the 780 and 587(as it used to be years ago). I haven't noticed any degradation in the voice quality and overall I am very pleased with the migration and upgrade.  Just thought I put it here if anyone else is in the same boat and thinking whether to do it or not.



Just Moved In

I moved over from Shaw and couldn't be any happier the speed is so fast!!! Shaw kept throttling me and denying it they said it was my computer which I new it was not.


the house im living in currently already had a included shaw connection but less then 300 ft away and behind very lil concrete wifi wouldnt work on the other end of basement while their boxes are on the bottom floor got my own telus issues whatsoever wifi even picks up on the street still


Hey there!

So awesome that you are enjoying the new Fibre!!

To answer your concern regarding call display specifically, I have checked into it and if there are only 7 digits showing on your call display this is a physical issue with the equipment itself and a simple reboot should do the trick. Please call 310-TECH for assistance on this.


I have investigated this issue  in depth and there are absolutely  no known issues with the call display showing only 7 digits. 


If you have any questions, please send me a message or call into the queue! 

Thanks @hologram123 . I replied in the other thread and will update.