Mac time machine w/ air port and optik set up


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Hmm I don't want to lose my data that is stored on it. I am not sure what your advice did to it in the first place really (to allow it to work with Telus) so I am not really sure what I need it to do...I'll look into it after dinner... 😃

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Mine just sits on the network as a dumb device, as only a Time Capsule, and not serving other devices. Under the Internet Tab, I chose to Connect using DHCP. Wireless is off. Network is Off.


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Oh so it doesn't really matter if its Telus or whatever long as its set like this. It should work then. Cool. Thanks again Mr. NFtoBC.


This helped - then I found I had to "connect" to the external drive in the Finder window. 

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I had my AirPort Time Capsule connected to my Telus fibreoptic wireless router since switching to TELUS a few months ago and had intermittent issues since. I followed the directions on this post, using the Time Capsule solely as a storage device (no wifi connection) on the network and my devices would intermittently not connect to the wifi network. I also had problems with my FibreOptic TV intermittently disconnecting and being stuck on the "initializing..." screen. Since removing the Time Capsule from the wireless router I haven't had any issues.


Too bad, because I loved having my computer wirelessly backup and store files on my Time Capsule.