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Mac Mail Setup


What are the settings for MAC Mail with Telus internet?


Helpful Neighbour

Here are the instructions you'll need to complete to configure your TELUS e-mail within your Mac Mail program:

1)  On your Mac, open your Mail program.
2)  Choose "Preferences" at the top of your Mail menu.
    (if you have not yet set up any accounts, the Mail Setup window appears, and you can skip to Step 7)
3)  Click the "Accounts" icon in the Mail Preferences window.
4)  Click the Add [+] or Create Account button to add the account as an IMAP account.
5)  Select "IMAP" in the drop down menu.
6)  In the "Description" field, type any name you would like to use to identify the account. This is the name that will appear in your list of accounts.
7)  Complete the fields on the window with the information below;
   - "Full Name:" (your name as you'd like it to appear when you send email)
   - "E-Mail Address:" (your entire email address)
   - "Incoming Mail Server:"
   - "Account Type:" IMAP
   - "Username:" (beginning part of your email address without the
   - "Password:" (your TELUS email account password)
   - "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):"
😎  Once you have entered the request information, click on the OK button.

Send a test message to make sure it's configured properly!
Helpful link can also be found here: https://