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MAC address filtering with WiFi plus

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I'm trying to enable MAC address filtering and tried to add my phone as a test.  It doesn't seem to block anything even though it shows mine in the list of "denied" devices.  The only thing I can think of is the WiFi plus is bypassing the main router in the basement.  Do I need to block the WiFi plus extender as well as it is hardwired to the main router?




Community Power User
Community Power User

If you block the Wifi plus adapter, anything connected to it will lose connection, including the Optik box. MAC address blocking typically blocks specific devices from connecting to the router itself.

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Are you trying to setup the blocking on the Actiontec modem/router or the Wifi Plus extender web interface?

Also is the wireless on the actiontec modem disabled or is it still broadcasting?


The wifi plus WEB6000Q admin page looks like this:



The actiontec T2200H modem/router page looks like this:



Notice the router has 5 icon headings along the top and the extender only has 3.


Make sure you are configuring the device that is actually supplying your wifi.  I suggest you disable the wifi entirely and remove antennas on the modem/router if you have the separate wifi plus extender unless you have them configured in separate locations and designed things to have them both enabled.