Low Volume/sound on home phone


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My sound/volume level is low on all my home phones. I have several telephones, one corded set and one cordless set. On each phone I need to turn up the volume every time I make or receive a call. When I do turn up the volume, I start to hear a faint hiss/background noise.


I am in a newly constructed house with fiber optic cable direct to my house, so I would think that my land line would be crystal clear as the analog signals to my telephone only travel 15 feet from the fiber optic box. My Optik TV and internet work beautifully and the internet is amazingly fast. This would suggest to me that I have a high quality installation, and that the sound output from the box isn't high enough.


I've looked at the Alcatel box and there doesn't appear to be a volume control. Does Telus have a portal/gateway they can log into at for my Alcatel box (similar to the web-based customer interface of Vonage) and verify that the volume output level is sufficient?



CPU Alum
CPU Alum

Some thoughts...

  • what happens if you unplug all phones except for ONE
  • is that single working cordless phone the same volume with every socket?

Trying to determine...

  • a wiring short somewhere between your phones?
  • too many splitters?
  • a defective phone?